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Working closely with the ITC technologists, the team concluded that the oxidation technology was the most promising opportunity in their portfolio, and recommended developing a small-scale oxidation system that enabled waste-water disinfection in small batches.

Having heard through the company grapevine that a funding request had been submitted to Vyas, she began to think about how she would handle the request if it was sent up to her. As a newly promoted division VP, Jackson understood that her actions would be closely watched.

Even the business personals and the professions like doctors, access the internet It was clear that I was expected to either turn it around or shut it down.

Steve Limox Leadership Style Although it is stated throughout text and research that not one style of leadership is better than another. In a survey research with an overall goal of determining ICT preparedness of teacher stated that the literacy of teachers in using word processing software is about To order copies or request permission to reproduce materials, callwrite Harvard Business Publishing, Boston, MAor go to http: After some discussion, Vyas and his team agreed to focus future product development and marketing efforts on the RIMOS product for the U.

A class of policy studies which systematically examine the effects on society that may occur when a technology is introduced, extended, or modified.

He was able to recruit and retain good people to his unit, and then build them into highly motivated teams on two different continents. The wrong decision at this level with a line of credit of two million dollars. During this phase, several misunderstandings surfaced between team members in the United States and India.

Once an innovation was proven, significant investment was quickly put behind it.

However, in this technology was still in the earliest stages of research and testing. He recognized that his team had worked tirelessly to make this project a reality and strongly believed they were now headed in the right direction. In the first meeting I had with them I explained that they would be developing any future proposals using a rigorous three-phase process linking market analysis and technological development to business planning.

Cynthia Jackson who must make effective decisions in her newly appointed duties excercises many of her choices with a Democratic approach. In this case we see a Democratic approach to which I would have felt comfortable excercising myself.

She wanted to make sure she did not drop the ball. Peter told us he wanted the new design to be flawless.

Convinced that survival depended on innovative growth, Vyas appointed a technology evaluation team early in his tenure, charging them with the responsibility to focus on technologies with the potential to turn the unit around.

She also decided to see if opportunities might exist in domestic agricultural applications. They seem to be making progress on that front, but in all honesty, I sometimes wonder if it is time to cut our losses and initiate a harvest strategy for the unit.

When growth in scientific knowledge is applied for the purpose of improving medical care, it leads to advanced techniques for a more precise diagnosis, more effective and less invasive therapies. Vyas is big on the team cohesion and values the ability for the unit to work together effectively even after multiple failed attempts in previous systems.

ByART consisted of a portfolio of about 60 business units, each of which operated as a profit center. They hoped to explore these with the help of the Oil and Gas Division which had excellent international contacts.

They seem to be making progress on that front, but in all honesty, I sometimes wonder if it is time to cut our losses and initiate a harvest strategy for the unit. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, used in a spreadsheet, or transmitted in any form or by any means—electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise—without the permission of Harvard Business Publishing.

In addition, since the product would be used for irrigation and not for drinking water, the disinfection quality could be lowered and energy consumption would therefore be reduced compared to past product iterations.

She had confided to one of her colleagues: Vyas appointed Janice Wagner as the team lead to bring a new prospect to the business. They also acknowledged that they still believed there was a significant market in water treatment for the developing world and in emergency relief work, but these future options had not been included in the current forecasts or business plan.

Applied Research Technologies, Inc

Definition of Research Website Definition According to Best Research is a systematic and objective analysis and recording of controlled observations that may lead to the development of generalizations, principles, theories and concepts, resulting in prediction for seeing and possibly ultimate control of events.

Ensuring the creditabily of not only the product but the unit as a whole was a priority that Vyas has set for him and outlined by his democratic leadership styles. There are occasional references to actual companies in the narration.

Mini-Oxidation Systems are a "new-to-the-world" product with unknown market potential. These types of technology are considered to be modern technology. Once again, no orders were forthcoming. Bartlett and Heather Beckham prepared this case solely as a basis for class discussion and not as an endorsement, a source of primary data, or an illustration of effective or ineffective management.For Vyas, general manager of the Filtration Unit of Applied Research Technologies (ART), the request presented a major challenge.

He recognized that his team had worked tirelessly to make this project a reality and strongly believed they were now headed in the right direction.

ART’s Peter Vyas

Applied Research Technologies, Inc.: Global Innovation’s Challenges On June 5,Peter Vyas paced his office as he grappled with a request for $2 million to re. Applied Research Technologies received a request for $2 million to re-launch a mini water-oxidation product Challenges Faced (Continued) Evaluating and Assessing Leadership Evaluating and Assessing Leadership Recommendations Peter Vyas InPeter Vyas was appointed business manager of.

Peter Vyas is the general manager of the Filtration Unit for Applied Research Technologies (ART). Throughout the appointment of his position he has been in charge of reforming the unit to alleviate a number of failures that occurred in the past.4/4(1). The business case you have describes a situation in a company called Applied Research Technologies.

As a team, you are expected to understand the situation and present your answers to the questions below: 1. As Peter Vyas, how would you handle the expenditure request for the re-launch of the mini water oxidation system?

2. Purchased by Gyewan Moon ([email protected]) on December 25, | Applied Research Technologies, Inc.: Global Innovation’s Challenges Applied Research Technologies, Inc. ART was one of the technology world’s emerging giants.

Applied research technologies peter vyas
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